Can anyone get into stock photography?

Yes!  I started with no experience in photography apart from wasting film with disposable cameras when I was a kid.  I discovered stock photography when my friend started her own neglige business and gave me one of her business cards.  I cheekily asked if she was the scantily clad model in the picture, then she told me she purchased the image from www.istockphoto.com and told me about the site.  I was surprised to learn that I didn’t have to be a professional photographer to join up and contribute.  I have learned a lot about photography through help from other contributors in the forum.  If you want to try and make some extra dollars, try your hand at creating and uploading stock photography.

How can I purchase a license to use your photos?

My images are available for download at www.istockphoto.com.  iStockphoto provide royalty-free standard and extended license options for the purchase of photos, illustrations, videos, sound effects and musical composition sound files.

What is stock photography?

Photography for the purpose of creating images to be used for certain purposes, the user purchasing a license for its intended use.  The images can be used as is, or incorporated into larger designs.  The copyright remains the property of the photographer and the purchaser may use the file in compliance with the terms and conditions of the specific image license purchased.

Can I use the photos I purchase for anything I want?

Not quite.  When you purchase an image license, the conditions of use are outlined in the accompanying license agreement.  These prohibit exceeding a certain number of reproductions, use in a context which is sensitive or obscene in nature, or digital or web page display larger than a specified pixel size.  Restrictions for use are outlined in the stock photo agency’s license agreement.  The license agreement is a legally binding document and should be read and understood before licensing copyrighted materials.  Extended licenses can be purchased which allow unlimited reproductions or print runs of the image, images used on items for resale and the lifting of certain other restrictions.  You cannot sub-license content purchased from iStockphoto.

Do I own the exclusive rights to use the images I purchase?

My photos are available for use only as non-exclusive licensed images.  This means that if you purchase an image, another person or company who also wants to use that same image, may purchase and use it according to the license agreement.  A non-exclusive royalty free license does not entitle the buyer to sole rights to use the image.

***Note – This page provides some information regarding the use of royalty free images for commercial use.  It is not intended as legal advice.  For full terms and conditions on the use of content from iStockphoto, please refer to the standard and extended license agreement available at http://www.istockphoto.com/license.php ***


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