The Perfect Frosting

26 11 2013

Almost 2 years since I’ve posted!

I have to confess… the only reason I bake at all is so I can get some photos of the food.  So it’s always annoying when you have this beautiful idea in your head of the perfect cupcakes with the perfect butter cream frosting and the results you produce look like a 4 year old could have made them.

TrioCupcakesIt finally occurred to me… its not butter cream!  Well ok, maybe it is, but there is something much easier to work with to produce the perfect little “dog poop” swirls of frosting… FONDANT!  It’s still not that easy to work with, but a lot easier to get the perfect (well maybe not) bubble-free swirls of frosting than butter cream!

Have a look in my cupcake lightbox for more cute, pastel cupcakes:




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