Reindeer Cupcakes

30 11 2011

After two failed attempts at creating a cupcake that looked even remotely like a reindeer, at last, success!



Turkey Cupcakes

28 11 2011

Last year, I decided to make these turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving.  This holiday isn’t really celebrated in Australia, but I decided to make them just for fun anyway, plus they fit with the Christmas theme quite well.  They are not too difficult, though a little fiddly.  The hardest thing for me was was trying to find Candy Corn in Australia!  I did actually make these the year before as well, however all I could find was Christmas themed red, green and white candy corn, instead of the usual red, orange and brown candy corn.

I eventually found the traditional Candy Corn at a place called “The British Lolly Shop” of all places!  I had been to other British sweet stores but they all looked at me strangely when I requested candy corn and told them it was an American lolly.

My Turkeys have done well this year.  Thank you to all the people who have purchased Turkey Cupcake images from my portfolio!

Coming soon… Reindeer cupcakes!